Our past sets the tone for the incredible work you help us do for our community now.

Our Mission is to provide a safe environment, resources, and education to empower our community to reach their fullest potential through all life stages.

Since it was established in 1896, Neighborhood House was many things to many people. Our founders were progressive thinkers and established programs, services and taught trade skills to meet the needs of the immigrant community at the turn of the century. Due to the diversity of the immigrants at the time we were able to provide many skills and services before other organizations were formed. In addition to employment skills we also taught dance, sports, provided services for individuals with both physical and developmental disabilities and even started the first medical clinic on the South Side of Peoria.

Who We Are Now

Neighborhood House continues the progressive thinking of our founders by providing ever changing services. As the needs of the community are met or are no longer relevant, Neighborhood House moves forward to the next need. Our Board of Directors is comprised of leaders in many disciplines, which strengthens the organizations and sets it up for sustainability. Our diverse staff ensure that each and every client receives an outstanding customer experience.

What We Do

Currently, Neighborhood House provides an array of diverse programs, which gives each person the tools they need to be successful. Our programs are based on research and the needs of the community.

It is often said that Neighborhood House is cradle to grave because we serve people at every stage of life. For the past 40 years, Neighborhood House has delivered meals to homebound seniors and disabled adults. Meals on Wheels is now our largest program, serving over 1,000 seniors annually. Currently, we are taking a step back in time and reestablishing much needed programs that were changing lives 125 years ago. We are helping adults gain skills needed to obtain and maintain employment. Through Summer Camp, After School Meals, and Summer Meals, we are keeping children off of the streets by providing a safe place to eat a nutritious meal and have fun.

Neighborhood House is continually evolving, responding to the needs of the times, and this is what ensures that we will forever by one of Greater Peoria’s strongest institutions.

Community Needs

Although Neighborhood House is meeting multiple needs in the community with limited resources, there is so much more to be done. You can help us make a difference. Every donation and act of volunteerism, no matter how big or small, supports the life-changing service and programs we offer to our community.